How to Re-Order From Your Account

Log in to your account

First, you'll need to log into your account. If you don't have an account, consider making one. Creating an account is easy! It is tied to your email address, allowing you to track past orders, store photos and shipping addresses. Credit card information is not stored at this time. For more detailed information on creating and using your account see this helpful article: How to Create and Use an Account You will not be able to pull up orders under a different email account from the one associated with your account. Please use the support tab if you need assistance.

Open your account, select Orders

Once you are logged in you'll need to navigate to your account. Click the link on the top right "ACCOUNT" (next to the shopping cart) to open your account settings. This is located in the main menu (or hamburger menu, 3 stacked lines) on mobile. On the left you will see a menu list, select "ORDERS." Once clicked, it should bring up a list of past orders. You can click the bottom link to expand the menu and see each line item. Clicking the "REORDER" button will add all the items to your table/cart. 

Reorder, remove unneccesary items from table

You can add multiple orders to your cart. Delete the line items not wanted by selected the "-" or remove button underneath the item.

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