How to Build Your Own Taste Mats for Your Tasting Party

Create beautiful custom tasting mats for your next wine tasting party!

Put the finishing touch on your next wine tasting event with a custom tasting mat. Line up your bottle of wines and take notes, and mark favorites on a spill proof mat that reflects your party’s personality. Our textured rigid plastic takes spills and wipes off for the next party!

Step-by-step guide on how to buy and customize your personalized wine flight mat

Not sure how to start? We’ll make a mat for the CrushTag Annual Favorite Pinot Wine Tasting Party and walk you through it step-by-step. First open the item Tasting Party Tasting Mat. This item was created specifically for quickly making a custom wine tasting mat. It features different background colors, the ability edit the name and upload a photo. We preloaded three basic types of wine mats for you: wine evaluation, wine score and bench trial. Don’t see what you are looking for? Email support, we are always developing new designs. We may have one we are building that suits your needs!

Once you select the item, it will pop up in the editor. Hit the “Edit Text & Options” brown pencil button on the right side (or bottom on mobile) to access your color options.

First, we will change our background color. We select our color from the drop down menu next to “Select Color”. To do this we first click the color to open the options, then select the color we want (your selection will be highlighted, moving your cursor over your preferred choice will highlight it), finally a second click on your new color will lock your choice in.

Pick a different overlay style if using to score or if just choosing favorite wines.

Next, we will review our different types of overlays. The scoring table is nice with place to rank based on standard criteria, but we want something simpler so we keep the default.

Now we want to update the name to read “CrushTag Tastes Good”. Simply typing our new text into the light brown box next to the title “Name” will update our text. The character limit is shown underneath so you can be sure your phrase will fit. We think the title should be mint to match our background. To change the color from white to mint a single click on the white box next to the name displays the drop down menu of colors. Select the new color and click to accept. Then we try out a few different fonts. That is also a drop menu next to the text field.

Everything looks good for now so we click the green checkbox on the upper right corner to save our changes.

Replace our photo with your logo, party graphic or photo to create a branded look.

Now we want to upload a new graphic. All the editable images are marked with a red box and “Edit Image.” A single click inside that red box will open the image options pop up. Because we are logged in this pop up shows our album (“My Album”) full of saved images from our other projects. Using the drop down we can also use the free set “Wine Images” from the CrushTag team. However, we are going to upload a photo so we click the green “Upload Images” button at the bottom of the window. We select our photo and hit “Open” this will auto load it into our image area. We want to adjust the crop so we click inside the “Edit Image” box again. We can either move our image inside its container with the Move arrows. If you are on a desktop you can also use a single click onto your image (located on the tasting mat) and hold to allow your mouse to drag it around inside the container. The image popup must be open for drag option to work. The zoom buttons allow you to size the image up and down within the container and the rotate will turn the image inside. Hitting Apply accepts your changes.

Hit the green check mark once again (Add to Cart) and your item should show up in your cart. From here you can adjust the quantities, return to editing or check out.

Want to know what to use to write on your Tasting Mat? We recommend the Dry Erase Pencil or Washable Crayon, read more.

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