How to Create and Use an Account

How to Create and Use an Account

How to Create an Account: 3 Easy Steps

The benefit of having an account is the ability to go and see order history, save your cart, and save time by accessing saved addresses. On mobile the Log In link is located inside the Main Menu at top left. (Menu link looks like a hamburger or three stacked lines.)

1.) Log In: Click to create an account or log in to an existing one

This link up at the top will allow you to create an account or log in to one already created. Creating an account will save your cart, addresses, and past order history. Setting up a cart will also score you 5 Rewards Points. Clicking the link opens the Log In page.

2.) Fill out the Form

Once you hit the 'Create An Account' link at the bottom of the Log In window you will be taken to the 'Create An Account' window. From here you will fill out all your information to create an account. 

3.) Hit the 'Register'

Once you have filled out all the information, hit the 'Register' button. You when then be re-directed to your table where you can start browsing and creating!

How to Access and Use an Account

Account link: How to access My Account Information

When you log in to your account (or you've just created one) the Log In link switches from 'Log In' to 'Account' and 'Log Out'. Hitting the 'Account' link brings up your Account Page.

1.) Menu on left

Scroll through your different options by clicking on the left menu options. The selected option will have a dark bar next to it and the title will reflect the updated selection.

2.) Forms and information on right

Update information on the right using the form fields. You will also see additional actions such as 'New', 'Edit', and 'Delete' and 'Re-Order' buttons in different sections.

2.) My Account - What all the options mean

Below is a list of the menu options and what they mean.

Customer Info - This is where you update your name and email address.

Addresses - This keeps all your stored addresses to add, delete and edit. During checkout it will be displayed as a drop down list for you to select from.

Album Management - Albums store the images that you've uploaded when creating labels, coasters and signs so you can access them again later.

Orders - This gives you a full list of your order history. Simply hit the re-order link to add the old order to your table, go back to your account order page if you have multiple orders to add. They will keep adding to the table. From there you can edit or delete any items you don't wish to order.

Change Password - This is where you can change your account password.

And remember, if you get stuck let us help! The fastest way to contact us by emailing The tab is always accesible on the left side of your screen.

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