Are you a talented wine loving artist looking to make some extra money with your designs? If so, we’d like to introduce you to our Artist Spotlight Program. 

There are two parts to the program. You can take part in either or both.

1) CrushTag Guest Designer

Submit a small design set for review by the CrushTag team. If it is a fit for CrushTag we will ask you to apply the design to the rest of our products, then we will make it available for purchase by our customers. 

Each time a product that uses your design is ordered, you receive a commission.

To make sure you get the praise for your hard work,  your logo / insignia / badge will appear with your label, directing our customers to a bio page where they can learn a bit more about you. We’ll feature your design for two years on, after which we can collectively decide to continue to sell your design through CrushTag or release your art back to you.

2) Artist Spotlight Referral Program

Also, if you choose, we will feature your creativity on We can post featured artwork and a link to your website and / or contact info. Our design-hungry customers will have the chance to browse and find a designer that fits their style. They will contact you directly to request your services and cost on designing a custom label.

So what does it pay?

10% each time your design is ordered. The 10% is based on the sale. If someone ordered a set of 48 labels it would cost $35. You would get 10% or $3.50 for the order.

BONUS – As one of our featured artists, we will provide you with your own unique discount code that can be used toward any product on Any customer who enters your code gets 10% off their order and you get 10% commission!

Ready to Become A Guest Artist?

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