we’ll be walking you through how to customize and order your labels for your batch of wine press wine. your package includes custom labels and free shipping to the wine press. Download the step-by-step instructions here and check out our quick video tutorial for help.

ORDER DEADLINE - August 19th, 2019:

Select “Free Shipping” and your order will be shipped at no charge directly to The Wine Press. If you miss the deadline, you may be charged shipping costs so please contact right away for assistance.


Your unique discount code is redeemable for one lot of 240 or 280 labels, depending on the size of your barrel.

Splitting between a family or friends or just want multiple designs? No problem! Simply choose several smaller quantities to create the total quantity needed.

Please Note - Additional charges apply for split orders and you will be required to pay the difference at checkout.

Want to order 12 extra labels or some coasters to match your labels? For those little extras you'll take care of that on CrushTag. Start shopping by clicking the link below. Type in discount code 'winepress' during checkout. Your Wine Press code will not work on the CrushTag site. If you miss the cutoff  date, email support and they will transfer over the coupon code and adjust it's value so it can be applied towards a purchase on CrushTag. 

At any time, you may discontinue your shopping experience as Wine Press by clicking "Stop shopping " in the footer.

Warning: this will reset your shopping cart and you will lose all stored items. It will also remove the discount that is automatically applied.

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