Customer Testimonials

Here are what people are saying about CrushTag and GrogTag.

Your customization allowed us to carry our wedding colors and theme through to the coasters and beer labels. It was a toss up if people kept on coming back for the great tasting beer or how good it looked.  The beer bottles were such a hit, many of our guests took them home as a keepsake, full of beer or not! —Donna L.

Thanks so much for your timely and detailed response!  I appreciate yours and Steve's help; I'm continually delighted by GrogTag's comprehensive quality.  I'm looking forward to placing/receiving the order, I'm certain they'll turn out fantastic as always! —Mark H.

Thanks for making great labels for all of us homebrewers out there! —Cori

Thanks so much! Made my first batch of beer look even better! —Jerry

Although I have not physically seen my order yet as it is in transit, I am extremely excited about them. I have been looking for this interactive site with no luck until I found yours. Very easy to use and if the product is what I am expecting, I will be sure to be ordering more. Thank you for all your hard work! —Mike S.

I am very impressed. My first sign arrived a little damaged from the usps. A replacement arrived at my home today, it is in perfect condition. Thank you, this is the best customer service I have ever received. —Jody W.

Our wedding is now complete and perfect thanks to GrogTag! Thank you! —Kayla M.

GrogTag is absolutely amazing! From your gorgeous, easy to use website to your friendly customer service to the final product received before I had expected it - you guys rock. You guys did a kick ass job on my order and I know you will make the soon to be wed couple very happy. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I will be using your services again. —Kimberly P.

Amazingly fast service, wonderful product, great website. Thank you very much. I'll be ordering more.—Adrian B.

Great product on the wine labels, it’s almost like a sheet of plastic tape with custom printing; should last for years compared to paper labels. Quick delivery… Service excellent; Jason, resolved a small issue I had with not receiving my discount; treated it like it was a major problem… Thanks! —Ben S.

Awesome labels! We will definitely be ordering from you again. Looking forward to seeing more design options in the future. —Ashley S.

Grogtag is awesome. Great preset designs as well as great templates for making my own. Ordered labels, a metal sign, and coasters. All products were delivered very quickly, was exceptionally happy with the turnaround of custom product. Great quality of product, decent pricing. Straightforward company to deal with. What more can a guy ask for? —Brandon Z.

The labels are like plastic tape so they last forever. They can handle getting wet when washing the bottles. Great product, keep up the good work! —Herb S.

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