Frequently Asked Questions

They say that asking questions is a sign of great wisdom and keen wits (or maybe we're just trying to butter you up).

Either way these are our most commonly asked questions.

Shipping Times
All CrushTag Products except for Metal Signs ship out in 72 hours (3 business days).

Metal Signs – Ship twice a week. Place your order by Sunday night and your order will ship on Tuesday. Place your order by Wednesday night and your order will ship on Friday. You can find detailed shipping info here.

What Are “CrushTags”?
CrushTags are customizable, reuseable, waterproof labels. They are made of vinyl with a repositionable, residue-free adhesive that makes peeling them off and reusing them easy. Label your next batch with CrushTags and remove them without leaving that sticky gum behind like every other label does. Finished with that bottle? Peel the label off and save it for future batches – use them over and over!
All of our labels come on a reusable and repositionable vinyl, or premium permanent 100% cotton paper. We print our products on the best digital printing presses in the industry.
Email us at if you’d like a sample. Mention the products you are interested in. Sorry, we can’t give out samples of the Keg/Carboy/Tank Labels, the Metal Signs, or Tasting Mats.
What Surfaces Can CrushTags Be Applied To?
Anything you can think of. No, seriously! CrushTags will stick to glass, plastic, metal, skin, hair, your dog’s feet – think of it as a reusable sticker. However, it will work best on a smooth surface.
Can I Write On CrushTag Labels?
Yes! That’s one of the best features, and part of what makes them reusable. Crayola Washable Crayons work the best and can be removed with a little water and a sponge. These packs can be found at your local office supply store, Target, Walmart, and Amazon for $3.00-$4.00. We DO NOT recommend dry erase markers. They will leave a residue and reduce the amount of potential uses of your new labels.
Dry Erase markers do work with our Keg and Carboy labels, however.
Are CrushTags Waterproof?
The vinyl ones are! CrushTag’s unique adhesive keeps your custom labels stuck to wherever you stick them to – even in ice water. Once applied to a clean, dry bottle, the label creates a nice water-tight seal, preventing the water from getting under the label and falling off. And since they are made from vinyl rather than paper, the labels are water-resistant – meaning the full-color ink will not run.
Tell me about your paper labels
Our paper labels, or our Estate Cotton labels, provide a more textured and elegant feel than our vinyl labels. These labels are not waterproof or removable (they have a permanent adhesive back). Our paper labels are available in the following sizes: basic, basic landscape, mini, mini landscape, full wrap, and wine set. Pricing on these label sizes in our paper finish can be found here.
How Big Are The Labels?
We always recommend testing the size on the bottle if you aren’t sure. Cut a piece of paper out or print the downloadable art layout templates.

Wine Sets are a set of two labels (front and back).

The main (front) label is 3″ x 3.57″
The back is 2.25″ x 3.57″

Square and/or Oval Labels with Neckers are a set of two labels (front and necker).

The main (front) label is 3.5″ x 4″.
The necker is appx is 3″ x 1″.


4″ x 4″ with rounded corners.

HangTags are 2.25″ x 7″.

2.25" x 7" with a bottle hole at the top.

Tasting/Flight Sheets

17″ x 11″ matte plastic sheet.

Metal Signs

11.5" x 13" with small holes drilled in all four corners.

Bottle Caps are standard 26mm, O2 absorbing white caps.

Standard 26mm, O2 absorbing white caps.
Do You Make Things Besides Wines Bottle Labels?
Yeah we do! We got products to your hearts content, just check out our products page here.
What's The Difference Between The Two Coaster Papers?

Premium – 28 pt.

28 pt refers to the thickness. So the Premium is almost twice as thick as the Economy. This is what comes to mind when you think coaster, nice and thick and re-usable. It is also smooth.

Economy – 15 pt.

We also offer our Economy paper. It is thinner and has a coarser fine-art paper texture. This would work for a one time event. 
Do You Ship Internationally?
Absolutely. We love our international customers. All our international shipping is handled through the US Postal Service. Priority and Express Priority options are available.
How Do I Upload My Own Designs To Your Templates?
You can upload your graphic into an existing template.
If you want to design your own label from scratch, use our downloadable templates and checklist to make sure your new label comes out perfectly! We recommend saving your artwork as CMYK at 300dpi. Getting compliments on your labels? More information on our guest artist program here.
What About Copyright Infringement?
You are responsible for your content. You must get permission to use any copyrighted material and get permission to use photos of people. CrushTag is not liable for any of the artwork uploaded, and if any lawsuits or action result from your artwork as a result of violations, you alone face the consequences. Is someone using or claiming artwork that they have no right to on our site? For more information on how to contact us on copyright/trademark violations please click here
How Long Does It Take To Get My Order?
We try to process your order quickly! All orders are processed and printed within 72 hours (3 busniess days) Monday through Friday. Once we get it printed and into the mail stream, the shipping method you chose will determine how soon it arrives at your door.
Your order is counted as received the following morning from when your order was sent.
For example, Betty places her order at 6PM on Monday and chooses 2-day shipping.
Tuesday is considered her first business day . . .not Monday. Her item should be shipped by end of day Thursday. She will get it in her mail box on Monday since the 2-day shipping has no Saturday delivery.
You can find detailed shipping info here.
This All Sounds Great! I Have A Shop/Blog - Do You Have An Affiliate Program?
We sure do! If you have a homebrew shop, or beer or wine blog, please email for details.
What's Your Return Policy?
We pride ourselves on great customer service. Your happiness and your wine’s happiness mean everything to us. Everything we create is a custom product, so there is no need to return anything. If you are unsatisfied with an order, let us know by emailing and we will figure out how best to solve the problem to your satisfaction. This can come in many forms, from refunds, credits, reprints, to Todd personally driving to your house with a bottle of wine. Just tell us as much as you can about the problem in your email, and make sure to include your order number so we can help you fast.
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