Fix List

We care deeply about giving you the best possible experience.

We know our new Beta site still has some kinks to work out and we thank you for any input.

Below is a list of known issues and commonly asked questions:

Ghost ordering. Exiting out of Credit Card Payment screen makes my item disappear from cart and sends me a confirmation email.
Temp fix: If you have an account, the order is saved as pending so you won't need to rebuild it. Log in and hit the "Account" link by the shopping cart (or in main menu on mobile).

• Not able to preview back labels during checkout. No thumbnail of back/second page on Confirmation screen.
We are working on this. In the meantime we urge to you review the front, backs and/or neckers of your items very carefully in the editor.

• Can't delete images from my account?
You can! Unless it is in an active job. See the Tutorial on image management.

• Explanation of trim and safety zone on Upload (Use) Your Own Artwork template.
We are working on updating our images to be more clear.

• Trash can button, Check button in Album Management (dead buttons). 
We are working to remove these buttons since they don't work. For instructions on how to delete your images see the Tutorial on image management.

• Cropping tool buggy on Circular images.
We are working to get this fixed. In the meantime, if your images are sized correctly you should have no issue. If you need assistance checking or resizing your files please reach out to support.

 'Add to Table' - not clear that it means 'Add to Cart'.
We've added a new guided tour which should help clarify some new terms. We are also looking at changing some language to help clarify.

Below is a list of fixed issues:

• Slide out pops up constantly

• Wouldn't let me upload my image. File too large.
This should be fixed, please let us know if you have trouble uploading your images.

• Shipping Methods have strange characters and look garbled. 

• VAT tax references description updated to cause less confusion.

• You should now be able to get your outstanding balance on your gift card when you apply it to an order.

• It won't let me create an account, says email already associated with an existing account, but won't give me a new password.
This should be resolved. Please email support if you run into this.

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