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Estate Cotton Paper Labels - 40% off!
See how to order below.

That's right! Our Estate Paper labels are 40% off while supplies last. Order now! No code needed. Price reflected during checkout.

Choosing Estate Paper Labels is easy. While viewing your table, click the pencil icon under your item and select "Estate Cotton Paper" from the "Choose your stock" drop-down menu. Voila!

Permanent Adhesive
Textured Finish

Our paper labels, or our Estate Cotton labels, provide a more textured and elegant feel than our vinyl labels, with a feeling reminiscent of the pages of old books. These labels are not waterproof or removable (they have a permanent adhesive back). Our paper labels are available in the following sizes: basic, basic landscape, mini, mini landscape, full wrap, and wine set.

Matte Finish

Our vinyl labels provide a smooth, matte finish. With a removable adhesive, you can get a perfect placement on the bottle no matter how many times you try. If you are looking to re-use your bottles these are the labels for you - simply remove the label and save for later while the bottles are getting cleaned. Available in all sizes!

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