Using CrushTag

Waiting for your wine to age can be a drag.  Why not custom-design a label to enjoy immediately?

CrushTag allows you to create professional quality custom wine labels. There are two ways to use the site:

Customize one of our templates

Browsing by product or design will bring you to pages loaded with our templates. Want to create a design that is custom to you and looks amazing? Just select the design template you like.

Once you choose a template, you will be taken to a screen that allows you to customize the text, colors and images on that label. 

Let our designers do the work, and you can take all the credit. Looking for an occasion-specific label? Shop by design to check out all your options!

Upload your own design

Are you a designer or an artist that wants to create your unique label from scratch? If you choose upload your own, you can upload your own label images and create the ultimate custom label. With our professional printing, don't be surprised if you have to explain that you actually made the wine yourself.

We have a label, or a coaster, or a sign that is right for you

Shop by product to see a complete list of CrushTag products.

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